Discover the secret methods to writing "addictive" chart-topping rock and metal songs.

I'm talking about the techniques used by artists like Dream Theater, Trivium, Spiritbox, Archspire, Jason Richardson, Fit For An Autopsy, Rivers Of Nihil, and others…

You could use these techniques TODAY to:

-Write lots of songs (quickly and easily)

-Avoid "writer's block"

-Attract a fanbase of die-hard listeners

-Get thousands of streams and video views

-Build your career (even if you're "unknown")

...and so much else.

(Keep reading to find out more…)

Fast forward in your mind to some date in the near future…

You’re in front of your computer, which is plugged into the best speakers you own.

Maybe you’re alone. Maybe you’re with friends. Maybe some of your family is even there.

You crank the speakers up to 8 out of 10. Loud enough to be loud…but not so loud that it ruins the sound quality.

Because right now…this moment deserves the perfect sound. 

Then you open up Spotify or Apple Music or YouTube…

And you click on a playlist of the Most Popular current songs in heavy music…

You find the song you’re looking for (it’s near the top)...

You take one final breath…

And with a tinge of excitement and pride…

You press “Play”.

What erupts out of your speakers can only be described as an epic triumph of modern music composition…

It sounds amazing:

The guitar riffs are killer…

The drums punch you in the face…

The vocals are so intense it’s like the singer is grabbing you by the collar or singing on a huge stage right in front of you…

Anyone who’s listening is rapt in attention at every second of this sonic experience.

They’re tapping their feet and bobbing their head along…humming the melodies and murmuring the lyrics along with the song as it continues to play - and it’s still just their FIRST listen.

Everything sounds professional and polished, just like the best music today.

Except there’s ONE “unusual” thing about this particular song…

See, it’s not some random song…or a song from some previously-established band.

It’s YOUR song.

And it’s being played for the world for the first time.

Your friends can’t believe it’s you. 

You can’t even believe it’s you.

“Who wrote this???” they ask.

As the (first) song concludes and the music is replaced by a tense silence that fills the room…

You smirk and think to yourself…

Hell F*cking Yeah…

And you reply:

“…I wrote that.”


That would be one hell of an experience.

And it could happen - much
sooner and easier than you think - if you learn how to write songs like the pros…

You’ve probably dreamt of writing songs like your favorite bands

You imagine your song hitting the top playlists on Spotify…

Getting millions of streams…

And people falling in love with your music (and with you) all over the world.

You could tour. And share the stage with your heroes.

You could get sponsorships from the biggest guitar and gear brands that you love.

You could be featured in magazines, have articles written about you and your creative process, be interviewed on podcasts throughout the music industry…

You could do anything you wanted.

(…Or maybe you just wanna write a great song because you love it. That’s awesome too.)

No matter what your specific songwriting goal is…

I wanna show you how to write the songs that YOU have always wanted.

Hello! I'm Trey Xavier. You probably know me from my 210,000-subscriber strong YouTube channel Gear Gods.

I've written hundreds of songs and analyzed thousands, studied music on both coasts (Berklee College of Music and SSU) and learned everything there is to know about songs and songwriting. I've learned what works and what doesn't, so you don't have to reinvent the wheel every time.

I've written songs with artists from bands such as Amaranthe, Between the Buried and Me, Soilwork, The Agonist, Spiritbox and more.

I'm here to share my knowledge of songwriting with you to make it easier, more fun, and more effective for you to create memorable, rich songs that you and your audience will be satisfied with.

Aren't you tired of having tons of UNFINISHED song ideas?

Writing a song is a lot more than just coming up with parts. You need to know how to arrange them into an experience for the listener And if you want to do that consistently, you need to learn the craft of songwriting. This includes things like arranging, structure, transitions, harmony, melody, chord progressions - and how to know when to use each of these. This is how you can take the ideas in your head and use them to create real songs!

Want a career in music? Writing Songs is IMPORTANT!

Songs are your gateway to success in the music business.

Every door will open to you when you have world-class songs. Producers will want to work with you. Labels will want to sign you. Booking agents will want to book you on tours. 

And listeners will turn into life-long die-hard fans.

Think about what music YOU listen to on a daily basis…

It’s NOT just flashy production tricks, or how “Br00tal” the vocals are that makes you listen…

It’s about the experience the song gives you.

The combination of great riffs, catchy lyrics, exciting strong structure, and the overall feeling…

It makes you want to dance, pump your fist in the air and sing along, mosh, and enjoy yourself with reckless abandon.

That’s what gets you ADDICTED to songs that you end up NEEDING to hear every day...

And I can show you how to write songs that have that same effect on your listeners!

Flashy guitar solos or a great singer don't mean anything if the song sucks!

With my channel Gear Gods, I’ve interviewed and consulted with musicians and bands like Dream Theater, Black Label Society, Amaranthe, Jason Richardson, Trivium, Periphery, Archspire, Blind Guardian, and many more for the last 10+ years. And here's the thing...

I’ve learned 1 undeniable truth about successful bands:

If you're in a band, you will NEVER advance to the next level without next-level songs. 

You'll be stuck in the local bar circuit, playing for the bartender…and maybe a few friends that you had to bribe with drink tickets 

If you’re wondering why you can't pull a larger crowd, ask yourself the hard question: Are my songs just not that good?

If you can write a great song that people want to listen to over and over again, everything about the music business will suddenly get a lot easier.

Songwriting Doesn't Have To Be Hard! Here's why...

I’ve been writing songs for 25+ years. I help people write better songs on a daily basis. I interview world-famous rock and metal artists about their own songwriting processes.

And I can tell you this: Songwriting CAN BE easy! ...If you know what to do!

But, it wasn’t always so easy for me.

I used to struggle to take a simple idea in my head and translate it into real music. I would have intense “writers block” that would last days, weeks, or months. And I absolutely sucked at taking a bunch of random ideas and actually finishing a full song!

Thankfully, I figured out a way to consistently write songs that people love.

And I’ve made it my mission to show rock and metal musicians like YOU how to do it too.

Lucky for us, there are strategies and techniques that make it easier for you to get the music from your brain into the world.

I'm going to show them all to you in this course.

These are methods that the most prolific and successful songwriters and composers have been using for literally hundreds of years.

And when YOU learn to use the same methods for yourself, your relationship to songwriting will change dramatically (for the better!).

You're going to watch me write an entire song in this course, from start to finish, including all the parts (guitar, drums, bass, vocals, keyboards). I'm going to teach you everything I'm doing along the way, in detail.

If you follow along: YOU will have written a full song by the time you're done with the course.

Or maybe even multiple songs!

You don't have to be a virtuoso on any instrument to write a great song - nor do you need a fancy degree, tons of music theory, or a famous producer. You DO need to know the ins and outs of what makes a song great. And I'll reveal them to you inside this course!

Writing Songs Can (and should) Be FUN - even if you've always struggled!

Writing songs is my favorite part of being a musician.

You get to design a full experience for the listener, deliver a message, make them move, and make them happy.

But if songwriting isn't fun for you, it's just because you don't have a method for reliably and consistently writing songs that you're proud of!

When you do, it's incredibly rewarding. Plus, getting better at writing songs will improve every single aspect of the music experience for you and the members of your band and the audience.

I'm Gonna Show You How To Actually FINISH the songs you start - and get fans Addicted To Your Music...

In my new songwriting course: COMPLETE ROCK AND METAL SONGWRITING

In this course, I'm gonna get you out of the rut of having a hundred riffs or ideas that never go anywhere. I'm gonna keep you from writing endless riff salad that has no structure and never delivers a climax. I’ll show you how to compose songs that have an impact and are highly memorable, so that you stand out from other bands in your scene.

We're gonna go through the entire songwriting process together, from a seed of inspiration…to a full-blown final track with all the trimmings.

Here's what's possible for YOU in this course:

- Write a song starting from any small bit of an idea, like a riff, melody, or chord progression

- Generate inspiration from nothing and what to do with an idea once you’ve got it

 - End “Writer’s Block” permanently (Hint: It’s a complete myth that’s shockingly easy to fix!)

- Use “tension and release” to structure your song for maximum impact

- Develop an idea throughout a song for maximum cohesion (You can use this to write “hit songs” FAST!)

- Add layers of vocals and harmonies

- Transition from one part of the song to the next - without losing your listener’s fragile attention

- Write guitar riffs and create variations for each part of the song

- Write melodies from chords and chords from melodies (even if you have ZERO music theory knowledge)

- Create drum parts that move the song and don’t get in the way

- Write catchy, memorable, and emotional lyrics that grab the listener

- Become a prolific songwriter through songwriting philosophy and mindset

...And TONS more!

Want to see EVERYTHING you get in the course? Watch this video for an overview...

"Writing songs is the #1 most important thing about being in a band. Once you have great songs...everything gets way easier and way more fun."

Here's what you get in Complete Rock And Metal Songwriting...

The Mindset of a Professional Songwriter (don’t wait for “inspiration”) - $50 value

The Cure for Writer’s Block (including 4 exercises for coming up with new ideas when you’re feeling “stuck”) - $100 value

My guide to songwriting tools, gear, and software - $15 value

“Inception”: Generating new ideas from scratch - $50 value

Development: How to go from “Riff” to “Full Song” - $100 value

Lyrics (and how to ensure they aren’t cheesy, cliche, or boring) - $30 value

Writing Melodies (even if you’ve never done it before) - $50 value

Chorus writing: The “core” of every great song - $100 value

Writing bridges and “breakdowns” that keep your listener’s attention - $60 value

How to write a great Chord Progression (+ the secret of “vertical harmony”) - $100 value

Composing + programming realistic Drum Parts (even if you’re not a drummer) - $150 value

Writing + programming Bass Lines (even if you’re not a bassist) - $150 value

Writing truly unique Guitar Riffs (not just chords) - $150 value

Song Structure: how to transition between parts and create interesting variation (without just making riff salad) - $100 value

Transitions and creating "flow" in your songs- $75 value

Harmonies, including harmonic motion, “testing” different harmonies, and writing “Spicy notes” -$60 value

Adding Keyboards, synths, orchestration, and layers - $80 value

Finalizing, polishing, and “punching up” your song - $50 value

Total Value: $1,470.00

Current Price: just $497

Write a song from scratch

Learn how to write every single part of a song so you can have complete creative freedom

Become A Prolific Songwriter

Say “F*** Off” to Writer’s Block. Stop being stuck with riffs or “fragments of a song”. Learn the simple strategies that the world’s best songwriters use to write amazing songs…quickly and easily.

Write songs that sound EXACTLY like you want them to!

You know what you want your song to be about. You might even already “hear how it should go in your head.” And you probably have favorite bands that you want to sound like. Now you just need to learn how to translate what’s in your head onto your instrument…and create a complete song that sounds exactly how you want it to. 

Choose a Pricing Option

Avoid the basic mistakes that prevent songwriters from maximizing their creativity and success.

I've written hundreds of songs in my career. And I've analyzed thousands of songs for my YouTube channel Gear Gods - from the top terrible local bad band disasters

I know what works and what doesn't. Let me help you make your songs the best they can be - without stress on your part.

Don't waste your career. Become the songwriter YOU want to be TODAY