Let me show you the 4-Step Process to Permanently Eliminate Writer’s Block so you can finally become a Prolific Metal or Rock Songwriter

Attention metal and rock songwriters experiencing “writer’s block”:

On this page, I’m going to introduce you to a simple 4-step process used by successful bands that eliminates “writer’s block” - PERMANENTLY - even if it’s been stifling your inspiration and creativity for years.

That way you can finally…

  • Write songs whenever you want (even on a daily basis)
  • Access inspiration “on demand”
  • Remove that overly critical “inner voice” (and replace it with a voice of inspiration)
  • Write the song ideas you hear in your head (exactly how you “hear” them)
  • Write songs that sound like your favorite bands and artists.

…and so you can finally write the songs you’ve always wanted to write.

Deep inside your mind, you probably have lots of great ideas for songs - songs that would be awesome, if you could just sit and write them…

You might even think of those song ideas on a daily basis - and it probably makes you mad that you haven’t written them yet.

Well, don’t worry. What’s on this page will help you write all of those songs…and more.

But first, let me introduce myself...

Hello! I'm Trey Xavier. You probably know me from my 210,000-subscriber strong YouTube channel Gear Gods.

I've written hundreds of songs and analyzed thousands, studied music on both coasts (Berklee College of Music and SSU) and learned everything there is to know about songs and songwriting. I've learned what works and what doesn't, so you don't have to reinvent the wheel every time.

I've written songs with artists from bands such as Amaranthe, Between the Buried and Me, Soilwork, The Agonist, Spiritbox and more.

I'm here to share my knowledge of songwriting with you to make it easier, more fun, and more effective for you to create memorable, rich songs that you and your audience will be satisfied with.

If you’re like 99% of metal and rock songwriters, you’re just struggling with a little thing called…

Writer’s Block

Here are just some of the symptoms of Writer’s Block that keep you from writing lots of awesome songs:

  • You want to write a song but nothing comes out
  • A song idea comes to your mind, but you struggle to actually write it
  • It takes you a long time to write a single song
  • If you do write something, you end up hating it
  • You have long delays between songwriting sessions
  • You get “stuck” in the middle of a song and can’t finish it

That sounds terrible right?

Well that’s what many songwriters experience on a daily basis - maybe even you!

But here’s the good news:

It’s easy to fix this problem - so you can write awesome songs on a regular basis.

Once I explain how this works, you’ll be able to smash your so-called “writer’s block” in just minutes (literally).

You’ll be so excited and inspired to write your next song that you’ll forget you ever had “writer’s block” in the first place. You might even laugh at how “blocked” you used to be.

I’ve taught this method to hundreds of songwriters - and I’ve yet to see someone not improve their songwriting based on what I’m about to show you.

And that’s so fulfilling for me because…


Writer’s block not only keeps you from writing a lot of songs…

It can literally ruin your career.

And it makes you feel like sh*t.

Sure…sometimes you get moments of “inspiration”. And in those moments you might not feel blocked.

But most of the time, you’re feeling that what you’re writing isn’t "great"...or even good. 

(You panic and think, “Maybe this new idea actually sucks… It’s not as good as that other thing I wrote… What if people hate it or even laugh at it?!”)

So…you get super anxious and self-critical. 

And that makes you OVERTHINK everything you're writing…

Which in turn makes your writing even WORSE…

No songs get written. Maybe no ideas get written at all.

You just stare at your instrument, holding it awkwardly in your hands…noodling on the same old tired riffs you’ve played a thousand times before.

You waste days, weeks, or even YEARS of your life NOT having written a new song…

And instead of feeling confident about being a great, prolific composer - like your favorite bands and guitar heroes…

You just feel low…constantly worrying about the fact that you’re NOT writing songs.

You might even start to see yourself as someone who “can’t write songs”.

And then the next time you wanna write something: It all happens again.

THIS…is a pointless place to be. 

But thankfully, I can show you how to end this cycle and get you writing songs on a consistent basis…while having more fun and enjoying the process :)

You might think you’re “cursed” to never write the songs you desire

But I assure you…you’re not.

Chances are, you’re just falling victim to one (or more) of the Three Big Myths surrounding Writer’s Block:

Myth #1: Great Songwriters “Wait For Inspiration”

The Truth:

Great songwriters don’t wait for inspiration…they can access inspiration “on-demand”.

When Mozart was being commissioned to compose music by various oligarchs and government bodies…he couldn’t just rely on inspiration. He had to write some damn music! That’s how he became one of the most prolific composers in history…and why he created so many compositions that have remained relevant centuries later.

The same is true for artists today - even in rock and metal.

Think about it…the best artists in the world are working with record labels, managers, film studios, and other business entities. Therefore, they HAVE TO write songs according to a schedule with strict deadlines.

Do you think they can just sit around hoping inspiration will randomly pop up today? No! 

They have to be able to sit down and write music like it’s their job - because it literally is their job.

They can’t be held back by “writer’s block” or a lack of inspiration.

Instead, there are reliable methods and mindsets they use to come up with tons of ideas on a regular basis and trigger “inspiration on demand”.

You can use those same methods to become as prolific of a songwriter as your favorite bands.

Myth #2: Every idea you write must be “perfect”…or you're doing something wrong

The Truth:

Most ideas that even the best artists come up with never see the light of day.

Consider a typical 8-song metal album…

Do you think the artist ONLY wrote 8 songs for that album?

I can tell you after speaking with many of the top artists in rock and metal music over the years of my career…

The answer is: NO.

Most artists write WAY more songs than end up on the album. Some bands write as many as 10x the number of songs as what actually make it on the album.

The reality is: The more songs you write…the more selective you can be about what songs you release.

That way…you’re only releasing the absolute best songs to the public. And your fans get the BEST impression of you possible.

The key isn’t to only write great ideas…

It’s to be so un-blocked in your songwriting that you can come up with so many ideas…that you don’t even care if some are good or bad…

…Because you have the confidence to know that the next “hit” idea is right around the corner.

This is what’s possible for you when you remove your “writer’s block” problem.

Myth #3: You should WAIT until you have more “music theory knowledge”, “get better at your instrument”, or “buy more gear” before you write your next song

The Truth:

This is one of the most common mistakes I see among songwriters…

It’s the classic mistake of thinking, “Oh I just need [insert excuse here] and then I’ll be ready to write songs.”

I’m not saying this to be harsh…but I do wanna tell you the truth:

You probably don’t need ANYTHING else in order to write the songs you desire.

Got a guitar (or your instrument of choice)? A laptop? Know how to play some riffs and/or chords?

K. You’re ready to start writing.

Seriously. This is all that’s required.

Don’t let the guys with big fancy studios (I admit, I’m one of them) intimidate you.

Music theory is great. And I’ve talked about it a lot on my channel. But you don’t need to be a professor of music theory in order to write a hit song. In fact, overdoing it with complex music theory is usually a recipe for overthinking your songwriting process…or making your song so complicated that no one can even listen to it.

It’s always good to practice and get better at your instrument. And you will continue to get better over time. But you don’t need to be a virtuoso shredmaster just to write a great song. How many amazing guitarists have you seen online who have basically no real career in music? That’s because they can shred…but they can’t write a song. (Hey, maybe they have writer’s block too…)

And look, I love gear as much as anyone. I named my YouTube channel Gear Gods for crying out loud. But that means I’m more qualified than anyone to tell you: You probably don’t need more gear to be the songwriter you want to be.

Here’s all you need: If you have an instrument to play…and some kind of way to record or notate what you’re writing (a DAW like Reaper, Pro Tools, or Garage Band; or a notation software like Guitar Pro)...then you have everything you need to start writing songs like the pros.

All of these myths are usually just “excuses” to avoid facing the real problem holding you back from songwriting greatness…

If you’re like most up-and-coming songwriters…

The real problem is almost always “Writer’s Block”...

When you have “Writer’s Block”..it’s impossible to write new songs.

You might want to write a new song…

But nothing will come out.

Even a small amount of “blockage” can be a problem…

Because any block will slow down your songwriting progress…and prevent the best ideas from coming out.

How can you write enough songs to be a successful artist if THAT is your songwriting process?

Unfortunately, the answer is: You can’t.


That also means: Once you remove this wretched “Writer’s Block”...

You’ll be writing songs like crazy.

Every single day…riffs, melodies, lyrics, and other ideas will be flowing out of you effortlessly…

You’ll be confident, knowing that “coming up with new ideas” and “writing new songs” is actually normal and easy for you…

And you’ll be on a much better path to a successful music career, if that's what you want.

In fact, that could be your reality now.

…except for your damn “Writer’s Block.

You don’t even know what you’re truly capable of until you finally get rid of “Writer’s Block” for good.

You could be showing up to every band practice with new song ideas…

You could be posting new riffs, licks, and songs on Instagram and TikTok that show off your skills…

You could be putting out a new song (or even a new album) on a regular basis…

Or you could just be writing new songs on your own for fun!

But none of this can happen if you have “Writer’s Block” holding you back.

It’s the biggest thing preventing you from stepping on the path to being a true songwriter.

Because truly great songwriters…write a lot of songs.

That doesn’t mean it has to be a lot of hard work all the time…

You can easily take a small seed of an idea and turn into a complete piece of music…

But you can’t truly develop your craft of songwriting without writing more songs.

So you HAVE TO get rid of your “Writer’s Block” problem ASAP…

Which is why I decided to create something to help you remove Writer’s Block permanently in about 60 minutes or less…

You can permanently eliminate “Writer’s Block” with my special new training: Smashing Writer’s Block

If you’ve always struggled with “writer’s block”, nervousness, or overthinking when it comes to writing metal and rock songs…

This one small training is the best thing that could happen to your music career. 

And don’t worry: It’s not gonna cost you a lot.

**Quick Note: If you already have my songwriting course: Complete Rock And Metal Songwriting, this training is included as part of that course. So you DO NOT need to get it again. :)

Look, I have over 750 videos on my YouTube channel. And I’ve had to write “new songs” for a lot of them.

I’ve collaborated or co-written with some of the biggest names in metal music - like Matt Heafy from Trivium; Courtney LaPlante from Spiritbox; Thomas Giles from Between The Buried And Me - and more.

I’ve coached hundreds of students on their own songs.

And I have my own band in Los Angeles called In Virtue.

With my career…I CANNOT be stifled by “Writer’s Block”

Which is why I’ve come up with some essential “mindset hacks” and “instant inspiration exercises” that mean I NEVER have to deal with Writer’s Block.

I can write whatever I want…whenever I want…

I have total songwriting freedom.

And YOU can too. I promise.

I’ve created a 4-step training that has helped my students like crazy…

And I’m giving it away to you…in my new training: Smashing Writer’s Block

Here’s what’s inside the training:

Become a Prolific Songwriter and Smash Your Writer’s Block in just 4 steps:

Step 1: Activating the “Prolific Songwriter Mindset”

I'm going to start by getting you into the correct mindset. 

This is the way prolific songwriters think about songwriting.

In fact, they write a lot of songs because they think about songwriting this way.

It’s really important that YOU think about songwriting in a similar way…or you’ll just keep getting “blocked” in your process.

You'll never reach your maximum potential as a songwriter if you don’t have the right mindset…

But once you fix that, you’ll never look at songwriting the same again.

You’ll feel Free… Inspired… Excited…

Because songwriting will stop becoming a scary or painful process…

Instead…it will become fun!

Which will lead to you to write more songs…and better songs…all the damn time!

And that’s just the start of the Smashing Writer’s Block training.

Step 2: Where to Start when writing a song

Now that you’ve installed the right mindsets to be a prolific songwriter…

It’s time to start writing some songs!

So you might be wondering: Where is the best place to START when writing a song?

Students ask me this question ALL THE TIME…

It makes sense to ask. You have to start somewhere

Unfortunately, I see most songwriters mess this up. They actually start writing a song in the “wrong” way.

And if you have the wrong approach when you start writing a song…you’ll just end up getting blocked all over again.

But don’t worry. I’ll show you a step-by-step approach in the Smashing Writer’s Block training.

Step 3: Attack Your “Writer’s Block”

Now you’re ready…

We’re gonna remove your “writer’s block” permanently.

And we’re gonna write some new song ideas together. :)

I’ll also show you some simple exercises that will train your subconscious mind to stop overthinking and stop being overly critical…

That way you’ll not only get rid of writer’s block…it won’t ever come back.

In fact, you’ll be primed to generate an abundance of ideas on an ongoing basis.

That’s why we’re not just “managing” Writer’s Block, like most songwriter’s do…

We’re SMASHING Writer’s Block \m/

Step 4: Access Inspiration on Demand

Do you ever feel like you’re lacking ideas? Or that you just don’t know what to write about on a given day?

That ends now. 

In the final portion of this training, I’ll show you 5 of the best exercises you can use to trigger inspiration - on demand!

That way you’ll never be short on ideas when you want to write a song.

In fact, this will give you such an abundance of riff and song ideas…that you’ll have to become “picky” about which ideas make it into the final song.

I use these 5 exercises to generate new song ideas when I have to write a song FAST - like for a YouTube video or collaboration.

You can also use these exercises to take any current ideas and “spice them up” - make them way more unique and memorable.

We all know that “icky” feeling of writing a riff that feels like a bit of a rip-off of another riff from a famous band…

Well these exercises can show you how to take your “inspirations” and transform them into your own unique creations.

In total, the training lasts about 45 minutes…

So it’s long enough to make a big impact on you…

But it’s not so long that it wastes your time.

After all, the whole point of this is to get you writing more songs as fast as possible.

But imagine that: In ~45 minutes (probably less) your writer’s block could be totally removed.

That’s what’s possible from this training.

Here’s how it works (just do this…)

1. Just watch the training. This alone will remove 80% of your “Writer’s Block” or more…

The advice will seep into your subconscious mind and your brain will automatically start to look at songwriting differently

2. Then, you can use some of the “hacks” I teach you to write some new material based on riffs or ideas you already have…

Or, just write some ideas using my “Inspiration On Demand” exercises.

You’ll probably come up with an awesome idea in literally minutes…and you’ll want to turn that into a whole song.

3. Then you can use the techniques I show you in the “Where to start writing a song” section…and start writing your new song haha!

4. And if you get stuck along the way, you can just re-watch some of the training and it will clear things right up.

So how much does Smashing Writer's Block cost?

1 million dollars!!! Mwahahaha

Nah, I’m kidding.

Seriously though, considering how big of a problem writer’s block is in the metal/rock songwriting community…I could make this course super expensive and go retire on an island with all my guitars.

Maybe I’ll do that one day…

But for now, I want to make this course stupidly cheap and affordable

That way every songwriter can experience the freedom of un-blocked songwriting.

Musicians spend thousands of dollars (or even HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars) on music lessons or music degrees from college.

Lessons are great. I support my students in getting them. But lessons often require you to keep coming back and continue spending money.

You might end up paying $50-100 per lesson…

And the teacher probably won’t address your deep inner songwriting blocks.

As for a college music degree…

Well, I have a degree in music myself. There were many valuable things I learned. 

But you can spend literally hundreds of thousands of dollars to get a degree in music: And not one second of that “education” will teach you how to get past writer’s block and become more creative on a permanent basis.

Unfortunately, with average everyday lessons…and expensive college degrees…the only thing that’s ALWAYS missing is the “creativity” training that I’m giving you in my Smashing Writer’s Block course…

That’s why it’s so important that you discover what I’m showing you in this course…

I wanted to make the course as cheap as a single guitar lesson from a decent local instruction…

So I decided to make the course ~100 bucks…at first

But then I thought about it further…

And I decided I wanted to reward the songwriters who take this seriously and want to Smash their “Writer’s Block” fast…

So I ultimately decided to make the course even cheaper…at $27 for a short while.

But this will not be the price forever.

Soon the price will be going up.

For now though…you can smash YOUR writer’s block woes for just 27 bucks.

…which is cheaper than your typical guitar lesson with your neighborhood Eddie Munson. 

Are you ready to Smash Your Writer’s Block - Permanently?

You must believe you CAN do this…and you SHOULD. 

The world needs to hear your voice, your ideas, and your creative vision

If you’re gonna work with a big producer, they’ll expect you to at least TRY what they suggest…

They know how to write “big hit songs”...

So I’m asking you to try what I’m suggesting…so that you can write the songs you’ve always wanted to write.

Just click below to get instant access to the training.

You’ll be able to go through the training and start your new songwriting journey immediately after purchase…

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