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Do you ever feel like your lyrics are cringey,

cliche, boring,

or awkward sounding?

Have you had a hard time even TRYING to write anything - because you’re so self-critical, and nothing you write sounds good to you?

Do you struggle to even write ANYTHING down?

Then this is for you...

Hey fellow songwriter,

If you want to create lyrics that…

 - Stick in your listener’s mind like glue

 - Get them “addicted” to your music

 - Emotionally resonate with your listener

 - Express the depths of your psyche

 - Or are just plain cool and awesome

…then I suggest you read every word on this page.

Because I’m going to provide you an entire breakdown of the structure and psychology of what makes great lyrics, why they work, and how to write them yourself.

You might be a “band dude” or a bedroom musician…

Maybe you’re writing lyrics for yourself or another singer…

Or maybe you just want to gain a total understanding of what makes great lyrics that stand the test of time.

No matter what, you are 100% capable of writing amazing lyrics.

Now before we proceed, I want you to know…

You do NOT need to be:

 - An experienced lyricist

 - A good singer

 - A singer at all

 - A great “wordsmith” in general

 - Or even a skilled songwriter

Take all that pressure off yourself. You’re here because you know lyrics are essential for great songs. And you want to discover how to write those lyrics for yourself.

This is important for your music. You’re in the right place.

I've Been There

For years, I struggled to write anything that I liked.

I couldn't put down anything I felt good about. Writing lyrics felt like a chore, and the final product never came out how I wanted it to.

So I went on a quest.

The quest to learn and create methods that I could use to express the things I wanted to say - in artful, intriguing, compelling and catchy ways.

I studied the lyrics of all my favorite bands to see what they all had in common, poured over them and dissected every word to discover the meaning behind them and crack the code of how they were made.

It was a long and difficult journey, but over many years of honing my craft and chasing ideas down rabbit holes, I've collected a vast knowledge of lyrics and methods to create them,

And now I want to share the secrets I discovered with you.

But before we proceed, allow me to introduce myself…

Hello fellow songwriter! I'm Trey Xavier. You probably know me from my 240,000-subscriber strong YouTube channel.

I've written hundreds of songs and analyzed thousands… Studied music at Berklee College of Music and Sonoma State University (I have a degree in music composition)... And learned everything there is to know about songs and songwriting.

In my career, I've written songs with artists from bands such as Trivium, Amaranthe, Between the Buried and Me, Soilwork, The Agonist, Spiritbox, and more. And I critique dozens of songs every week in my livestreams.

I've learned what works in songs (and what doesn't), so you don't have to reinvent the wheel every time. I'm here to share my knowledge of songwriting with make it easier, faster, more fun for you to create memorable, rich songs that you’ll be proud of…and your audience will fall in love with.

Instantly Improve Your Lyrics

With Bulletproof Methods

Stop guessing and learn real techniques for generating tons of raw material from scratch and turning them into musical, memorable, and meaningful song lyrics.

Don't you think it's time to finish those songs so you can actually put them out?


Words are incredibly powerful. Their potency comes from thousands of years of usage in human culture. And combining them with music increases their strength exponentially. 

They can be a comfort, or a weapon. A rallying cry, or a condemnation, They can be a message to the entire population of earth or just for one person. 

Lyrics can make your listener cry their eyes out, scream at the top of their lungs, laugh with insanity, dance until it hurts, drive at hyper speeds, and fall in love...

Lyrics can conjure emotions like a magic spell. They can invoke memories from long ago, profound joy, grief and sadness, hope and optimism, or just a damn good time…

In short: Lyrics are without question the most important part of your song.

And yet, many musicians don’t give them the consideration they deserve...

Lyrics Save Lives (...but riffs don’t)

As a metal or rock musician, you might think riffs are the most important part of a song...

In some cases that might be true…

But think about it: What do people remember most about a song - for years after they’ve heard it? What about a song brings you back to a certain time period of your life?

What gets you through a hard day, when the world feels like it’s crashing down around you?

The vast majority of the time, it’s not the riffs. It’s the lyrics.

No one will ever get the tabs for your riffs tattooed on their body.
(Even if this does happen lol, it’s extremely rare.)

But fans will get a tattoo of your lyrics permanently inked on their body. That is: If the lyrics mean enough to them.

From the darkest moments of despair…

To the peak experiences of joy and celebration…

Lyrics are what grab people. They form the the “soundtrack” of their lives.

This is the power of lyrics.

And you can use this to your advantage...

To create the most powerful songs of your life!

Get Your Listeners Addicted To Your Song

With great lyrics as your ally, you can reach into someone's brain and turn on the feel-good faucet.

literally gets listeners addicted to your songs.

It’s how “pop” artists and “hit songs” are able to generate millions of listeners (not to mention millions of dollars - more on that in a second) from simple, short songs.

The brain creates different chemicals with the
right lyrics vs the wrong lyrics…

The wrong lyrics aren’t just “bad”. They’re laughed at. It actually sickens and repulses people like a pile of rotting old food.

Thankfully, I’m going to tell you how to avoid this and create lyrics that people love from the first verse…

It’s not enough for your lyrics to rhyme

You might think lyric writing is all about creating a basic rhyme scheme. “It’s a burning fire, full of desire.” Right?


There is so much more to writing lyrics than rhyming... 

In fact, there's a whole topic called "Lyric Theory" that covers things like:
-- Why humans need lyrics for music in the first place

-- The sounds of words

-- Similes, Metaphors, Cryptics, and other Symbolism

-- Imagery and sensory words

-- Phrasing and Syncopation

And way more stuff...

Very few songwriters know about this. Which is why they struggle to write lyrics that truly grab their listener’s attention and stick in their head like glue.

But this also means…

With a few tips, and a basic understanding of lyric theory, you’ll be able to massively upgrade your lyrics beyond what you ever thought possible - and beyond what the other songwriters in your scene are doing.

The Solution: A guide to the science and art of catchy (but non-cringey) lyric writing

Songwriters squander years (maybe even their entire lives) trying to become as consistent, prolific, and creative as their heroes when it comes to writing lyrics…

But I don’t want you to waste your life struggling to express yourself via the words in your music.

So I decided to create a solution that will show you
everything you need to know.

Inside, I’ll show you all the theory and technical know-how that span the depths of lyric writing

But more than that…

I’ll show you how to DO it. Step-by-step. In a fun, non-boring way.

You'll join me under my wing. I'll be your guide on this wonderful journey of lyrical creation.

So lyric writing can be fun and creative, full of that childlike energy we all had when we first discovered music and wanted to write our own songs.

Without further ado…


Introducing my brand new course:

How To Actually Write Lyrics

I’m going to show you how to harness the power of words to make your songs the best they can be. 

I’ll help you to capture your inspiration and extract the deepest meaning from it, and optimize the delivery of the message so that you can be clearly understood. 

This course is for anyone who wants to write lyrics for any style or genre of music, anywhere on earth. 

(And although this course will be entirely in English, everything can be applied to any language.)

Discover EVERYTHING You Need to Write the BEST Lyrics of Your Life!

- Concrete methods and tools for turning ideas into lyrics quickly
- Capturing inspiration in the moment and sustaining it
- Curating your ideas
Lyrical phrasing and rhythm
- What makes something catchy and how to create hooks
- How to avoid writing cringey lyrics
- Different kinds of rhymes and rhyme schemes how to use them
- How to write each part of a song - verse, chorus, prechorus, bridge
- Using metaphor, simile, and symbolism to create vivid and evocative imagery
- How to tell the most compelling stories with your songs

...and so, so much more.

What's inside the course:

Available in days
days after you enroll
  Lyric Theory
Available in days
days after you enroll
  How To Actually Do It
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Advanced Lyric Theory
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Getting Good
Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll

"So Trey, since this course is so unique and valuable, I bet it's super expensive, right?"

LOL I wish…

Let’s keep in mind:

This course is over 10 hours of advanced, detailed, in-depth lyric writing content. This is stuff you can’t find anywhere else.

And if you were to hire a “producer” or a “lyric writing coach”, you can expect to pay hundreds of dollars per hour. (Trust me. I know.)

So the normal price for this course is a true bargain. 

And the price?


Why only $397, instead of $1000.00 or more?

Because I want to help as many songwriters as possible to express themselves via lyrics…

As I’ve discussed above, lyrics are perhaps the most important aspect of your song. They express more of your own ideas. And they hook your listener in (and turn them into lifelong fans).

Yet most up-and-coming songwriters under-value their lyrics…

So I want to help them see the importance of lyrics and upgrade the lyrics they’re writing forever.

$397 is affordable enough for most serious songwriters (you’ll easily drop that much on a couple plugins or a piece of gear that won’t make much difference in your songs, whereas lyrics can literally transform a “dud” into a hit). And the price demonstrates how much value and content I’ve packed into this one resource.

You’ll never need another lyrics course again.

And if it helps, you can absolutely split up the payments into “installments” via PayPal. :) 

Imagine being able to write beautiful, catchy, unique lyrics - every single time you need to.

Imagine being known as a prolific and masterful lyricist among your peers, bandmates, friends, and fellow songwriters.

Imagine never stressing or getting “anxious” again when you have to create lyrics for everyone to hear.

All of this - and so much more - awaits you inside this course.

So how do you get started?

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