Here at How Songs Are Made, I offer in-depth courses on the art and craft of songwriting - the most powerful tool a musician has.

“This course is such a refreshing take on stuff I’ve long considered tired and boring. I’ve been writing songs for a long time but Trey’s approach in these lessons really rejuvenated my desire to write GOOD COMPLETE songs, and it’s actually fun lesson material.

It was kind of like a waterfall of epiphanies, laying out things I was convinced I already knew in fresh new way. Even something that seems so simple like writing melodies by connecting a tone point from one chord to another was communicated in a super digestible way in the “Melody Basics” part of the course, which made it fun and fresh.

I can tell the difference in what I was writing before and now after the course. My musician friends can tell. My band can tell. This was well worth the price, and more importantly it was well worth the time I invested in the material.”

- Cletus Christ

Hi, I’m Trey Xavier.

I've written hundreds of songs and analyzed thousands, studied music on both coasts (Berklee College of Music and SSU) and learned everything there is to know about songs and songwriting. I've learned what works and what doesn't, so you don't have to reinvent the wheel every time.

I'm here to share my knowledge of songwriting with you to make it easier, more fun, and more effective for you to create memorable, rich songs that you and your audience will be satisfied with.


"Trey’s advice and feedback on my songs have been, instrumental 😝 in developing my own style. 

I have improved much faster and more consistently over the last 6 months from his critiques, not only of my songs but the submissions from other musicians and song writers, no matter what style of song. 

To say I am looking forward to this course would be an understatement. "

  • Andrew Jackson


"Trey really helped me to notice and improve aspects of my songs that I would never have figured out on my own. For example, he gave me great advice on how to better harmonize certain melodies and riffs, on how to transition in and out of a guitar solo, and on how to pay proper attention to the role of the drums in the mix."

  • Tommasso Tuffarelli

"Trey’s feedback helps me craft my songs in a way that best encapsulates the spirit of the song while motivating me to try something different. Plus, I get to learn from everyone else in the collective"

  • Charles Wagner